Friday, June 1, 2012

35 Things: Update

Once again, this month was pretty weak in terms of my “things to do”…but I blame everything on #35: move to arizona. the move has been made and we are finally settled into our new place in AZ…so perhaps June will be a better month.

try one new recipe a week
*totally failed this month…with the whole “moving across the country” thing, I didn’t do much cooking at all.

read 30 books
*Pretty Little Liars #1-5…don’t judge me. The TV show is one of my guilty pleasures so I figured I’d read the books…nothing at ALL like the show, but still readable.
*Bright Young Things…love this book, currently reading book #2. Set in 1929, which is an era I absolutely adore.

complete an act of service every month
*done and done.

donate old clothes to goodwill
*done and done

move to arizona
*HUZZAH! I am so excited to cross this one off my list!

things I am hoping to accomplish in June:
*have family pictures taken (should be accomplished thanks to an AMAZING giveaway I won from Christie Knight Photography!)
*never go to bed with a dirty kitchen for a month (this one has to be tackled at some point, might as well get it over with!)
*Make homemade baby food (livvy has started solids, so it’s time to figure this one out!)

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