Thursday, September 1, 2011

Scioto Mile Splash Pad

Did you know that Columbus was ranked as one of the top 10 Fall Destination spots by National Geographic?
Well, it was.
I was kind of surprised to hear this…
but then again, we haven’t ventured out too much
(other than the zoo)
so we haven’t truly experienced everything Columbus has to offer.
So since this is our last year in Ohio, it is my goal to experience as much of what Columbus has to offer as possible.


Today, Riker and I ventured downtown with a friend to check out the new splash pad at the Scioto Mile.
Riker was in heaven.


I have a lot of pictures of Riker’s back because he was much too busy playing in the “wata” to pay attention to me.
But he would always stop and smile for Jen’s camera!


And of course, Riker didn’t want to be bugged during our lunch break.


That look right there?
He’s basically saying “get that thing out of my face, woman!”

We definitely loved this splash pad and we are definitely sad that we didn’t discover it earlier.
We plan to experience more and more of Columbus, so if you need a vacation this fall you can always come visit me!

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Brenden+Nikki said...

So where are you guys moving after graduation? Any ideas? I'm so jealous that you live somewhere other than this deathly oven of a place called Arizona. I'd come visit you in a split second if I could!

Ha ha I love that grouchy face! :)