Monday, September 5, 2011

Three Months

That’s how much longer we have until baby girl makes her appearance.
Three months is not a lot of time.
Especially when I stop and think about how absolutely unprepared we are for her.
No clothes.
No stroller.
No bed.
No name.
No nothing.
But no worries…I have some plans to rectify my unpreparedness.

There are some great consignment sales coming up this month and I plan to stock up on plenty of clothes for little miss.
Also, I purchased a sewing machine so I can sew ruffles on the bum of EVERYTHING!

I know which double stroller I want
(because it’s the only one that will fit in our tiny trunk!), so I just keep watching for sales.

Little Miss will be getting a pack-n-play, at least until Riker moves out of the crib and into a “big boy bed”…so I just need to decide which one to buy.

TJ has names that he really likes and I have names that I really like.
But none of our names match.
I do like some of the names that TJ has picked…
but none of them seem to be the right name for our little girl.
So I just keep repeating my favorite names over and over in an attempt to get TJ to just give in!

So I might not be totally prepared to have this baby right now…but I still have 3 whole months!


Brian and Emily said...

So excited for you guys!!! What double stroller are you thinking about? I can't decide on what we want, but I like the idea of a small one.

lisa said...

Em...we're planning to get the Combi Twin Sport EX ( It folds down super compact, which is a necessity for our little car. It was such a fun surprise to see you in church on Sunday. I can't believe how big Nora is now!