Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Exploring Columbus: Park of Roses

This is not our first time visiting this park…we’ve played on this playground a few times before.
Since TJ had the day off from school and the weather was GLORIOUS
(hello, we are all wearing jeans and sweaters!)
we headed back for another visit.

As always, the swings are Riker’s favorite!


But we did do some further exploring at this park…


And we found a pond!


Riker loved the ducks and TJ and I regretted not having any bread to feed them!


Riker loved the ducks SO much, we had to make sure he didn’t chase them into the water
(which he tried to do several times!)


I’m now 27 weeks pregnant.


I can still wear several of my own jeans,
paint my own toes,
and run after Riker.
I can no longer get an uninterrupted night of sleep,
button my cardigans,
or sleep on my stomach.

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Jonny and Brittany said...

You look so cute Lisa! Hope I make pregnancy look that good. :)