Thursday, August 6, 2009

Washington 2009

The hubs and I just got back to our little abode.
We've been in Seattle, WA for the last 8 days.
Travelling makes me tired.

We departed for Seattle last Wednesday.
Brief layover in Phoenix where the temp was 92 degrees.
We laugh because we know we are headed to Seattle.
Its always cooler in Seattle.
When we landed, it was 106 degrees.
Nobody in Seattle owns an a.c. unit.
The first couple of days it was downright nasty.

The main reason for this trip was a wedding
And visiting family.
Lots of family was in town for the wedding.
Most of them weren't "technically" related to us.
But they welcomed us into the fold anyway.
With our newly adopted family, we saw lots of sights in Washington.

Pike Place Market
The Gum Wall
Yes, as nasty as it looks. We added a couple more pieces of gum to the wall.

The Space Needle
No, I did not go up...I don't do heights. Blame my mother.

Science Fiction Museum

Everett Marina
Ferry boats
Snoqualmie Falls
We were very busy people

TJ and I stayed a few days longer than our new fake family members.
They were all gone by Tuesday morning.
That left us with 2 days to spend time with TJ's dad.
So we drove a bit, jumped on a boat, and went whale watching!
I know, me and boats don't sound like a good idea.
You know, the whole "I get motion sickness like nobody's business" thing.
But I was perfectly fine on this boat.
It was a big boat.
The boat headed out into the beautiful waters of the Puget Sound.
Finally, after about 3 hours of cruising along, we reach Canadian waters.
And there, we watched the whales.
We saw a whole pod of orca whales.
Some came up right next to the boat.
Yes, this is the best picture I got.
Whales swim fast, my camera is slow.
Still, it was worth it.

Finally, it was time for TJ and I to head back home.
For some reason we had a layover in Atlanta.
Check a map...Atlanta is NOT on the way to Columbus.
But we finally made it home.
Now we are tired.

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Karen said...

That sounds like an amazing trip. Good pictures! I'm glad you had a fun time. And who was this "fake" family you went to see?