Saturday, August 29, 2009

Plumbing Problems

So, remember how I just posted pictures of my living room looking cute?
Yeah...this is what is currently looks like:
The other day the hubs and I came home to find this:
That's right, my friends.
A our ceiling...right under our upstairs bathtub!
I immediately had thoughts of our tub crashing through our ceiling
and landing in our front room.
The drywall that had not yet fallen was completely soaked and mushy.
More pieces continued to fall.
This particular piece actually hit my sweet visiting teacher.
She screams, I apologized for my ghetto ceiling, and everything is okay.
The next day, the hole looked bigger.
Because Gene the handyman is making everything better.
The good news: my tub is not going to crash through the ceiling.
The bad news: my living room is currently unlivable.
Hopefully, not for long.


Wade and Christie said...

Yikes! I know exactly how it is in the shoes you are in right now. We had this occur in a house we were "house sitting" except the whole dang basement flooded aprox. 2 days before Christmas. It was a total nightmare! Good thing its getting fixed!

EmileeandJonny said...

we totally have been having plumbing problems the last couple weeks, only I haven't blogged about it yet! Sorry, I feel your pain- only ours was outside- a little better than having in my living room!

Brenden+Nikki said...

I'm sorry I don't mean to laugh but I'm dying that a piece of your ceiling fell off and hit your visiting teacher. That is hilarious!! I mean I'm glad she's ok but if I were there I think I'd be rolling on the floor. Poor girl!

Brendan, Calli, Taylor, Keaton, and Brody said...

The same exact thing happened to us in Independence when we first moved in. Except water came pouring out of the ceiling along with the drywall. Luckily, ours was above our kitchen so it didn't ruin our couches.