Saturday, August 15, 2009

Things That Suck About Being Pregnant...

I know, I know
Pregnancy is awesome.
I'm sure that when my little bundle of joy arrives, the things that currently suck will no longer suck.
But right now, there are just a few things about being pregnant that really suck.
And yes mom, I will continue to use the word "suck" because it best describes my feelings.

1. Acne
Seriously? Acne?
Yeah, apparently these fantastic hormones that make it possible to grow a baby also cause zits.
Last week, I had Mount Everest growing next to my nose.
This week, its on my chin.
Not only am I currently battling the mother of all zits, but there are bunches of smaller ones taking over my face.
Acne sucks.

2. Belly fat
Yeah, I knew when I got pregnant that my belly would get bigger.
I'm not dumb.
However, my belly is currently in an awkward phase.
You know...the one where you see someone with a pudgy belly and you have to ask yourself:
"Is she pregnant? Or just fat?"
Kind of annoying.

3. Feeling like crap
Yes, mother, I'm saying crap too.
I think feeling like crap is the worst part of being preggo.
In the beginning, I felt nauseous. All the time.
Doc gave me cute little pills to help me not feel nauseous.
They worked wonderfully.
Now, I don't really feel nauseous all the time.
I just feel crappy.
All. Day. Long.
I thought I was supposed to feel better in the 2nd tri.
Lies. All lies.

So, yeah. There are some things about being pregnant that just really suck.
But, you know what, some things are awesome.
Like, I heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time this past week.
That was pretty awesome.
Especially since sometimes I forget that I'm pregnant and worry that I made it all up.
But the baby is in there.
I heard it.
And next week, I'm going in for an ultrasound.
So I'll get to see the baby.
Doc said I might even find out if my baby likes pink or blue.
So that will be pretty awesome.

Oh, and I am now 16 weeks.
Which means this week my baby is 3 oz and about 4 or 5 inches.

In other words, the size of a tube of mascara.


EmileeandJonny said...

I remember ALL too well those "joys" of pregnancy- don't worry, there's even more you will experience ;) And yet, awhile after having a baby, you think it might be fun to try it again!

cindy said...

Your baby should not be hearing you use all those...bad...words! Motherhood is suppose to make you more...sweet! So deal with IT!

Brendan, Calli, Taylor, Keaton, and Brody said...

At least your baby isn't being compared to food anymore!

Robert & Leigh said...

I agree. Pregnancy does suck. And I haven't had anything to complain about for either pregnancy (which doesn't matter because I can still find SOMETHING wrong). Hated the awkward stage and couldn't wait to have a nice big round tummy. Guess what. That sucks too. There are times maternity clothes wont fit. Ugh. And the kicking is fun at first (though with my first pregnancy, it was frightning. I thought there was an alien in me). But then the kicking just sucks because it literally feels like they are going to rip you open. Most moms would say holding their baby for the first time made it all worth it; I am not one of those moms. It freaked me. But, if I didn't love it in some weird way OR not love my baby, I wouldn't be here AGAIN already. It screws with you body AND MIND. :)

azHarline said...

Sounds like you are having a "fun: time being prego. I will invite you, but I need your email address.

Karen said...

That's funny that your mom doesn't like you to say sucks. I try not to say it, but it comes out now and then. While in highschool my mom would really get mad when I used to say it a lot and told me that I should replace that word, with VACUM. Nice eh?

I hope you get to feeling like your beautiful self soon. Atleast you didn't have to battle acne before right? I am 30 and I still deal with it every day. I hate it. Love ya guys