Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our Columbus Casa

As promised:
Pics of our new abode.
Well, 1/3 of our new abode.
See...our place consists of 3 levels.
Upstairs is our bedroom, future baby's bedroom, and a bathroom.
Our room isn't decorated.
Future baby's room is completely empty still.
And the bathroom is a bathroom.
The basement is also known as "TJ's Study Hole"...
it has a desk and a chair.
Oh, and our new washer and dryer.
But nothing worthy of pictures.
Therefore, all the pics are of the main floor.
Living room, kitchen, dining room.
View from the front door.
I totally assembled those bookcases by myself.
Question of the day: what color is that couch?
Hubs and I have an ongoing you decide.
Is this couch blue? Or green?
See that empty wall next to the door?
Future home of our flat screen tv.
That is, as soon as the hubs decides to buy one.
Kitchen: complete with a DISHWASHER!
Empty dining room.
We have still not yet purchased a dining table.
Some day...

So there you have it, folks.
Mi casa.
If you are ever in the Columbus area, it can too be su casa.
We like visitors.


Katie said...

Hey- it looks great! We'll definitely have to come visit you.

And just from what I can see in the pictures, I would have to say that the couch is blue. But it might look different in real life.

Karen said...

I'd say the couch is blue too, from the pics. Your place looks awesome, I'm glad you found a good place, with good people around you. Good job on the decorating!

cindy said...

that awesome couch is tourquoise....Apt looks cute!