Saturday, July 25, 2009

I prefer chocolate chip...

I am now 13 weeks pregnant.
Apparently, this is the last week of my first trimester.
Which is great, since the first tri is crappy.
And according to my Google research, my baby is the size of a Nutter Butter.
Kind of a weird visual.
I don't even like Nutter Butters.
Oh, and baby Butter can suck his or her thumb.
That's a better visual.
Unless you are picturing a Nutter Butter with thumbs.
That would just be awkward.


Wade and Christie said...

I think I googled every week of my pregnancy..actually maybe even every day! I would pull out the ruler at work and see how long Gage was growing! Its very crazy when google tells you your baby is the size of a cantelope or a basketball! Enjoy the second will get better!

Katie said...

Hooray to be done with the first trimester! And I agree that it's fun to know how big your baby is. The book I'm using compared him to a new fruit/vegetable every week. I guess now he's too big for that though...which I'm fine with! Anyway, enjoy the decline in sickness!

Tyler and Karisa said...

Not gonna' lie- I totally pictured a Nutter-Butter w/ thumbs. Ha ha! Yay for being done with the first trimester! I wouldn't really know how hard it is personally, so I can't sympathize and tell you it only gets better from here on out... but it sounds great to say so,- You passed level one. Two more levels and you win the game! Ha ha... I need to go to bed apparently. I sound like a lunatic! Night!

Karen said...

That's so fun, and I love your visualizations! Have fun with that little nutter butter! That's better than calling it a little parasite, which I did sometimes, but in a loving way! :)

Laurel said...

I am glad that rice grain is moving up the food chain. Hope you are feeling better soon. It is so exciting to me to think about how at this point you have a real person inside of you. Fingers, toes, eyeballs, nose, etc and not just that chicken ameba looking thing.

cindy said...

I'm not sure I like having my GRANDDAUGHTER...called a nutter. I'm glad though that SHE is growing. Miss you guys lots!