Thursday, September 3, 2009

Take THAT Arizona!

The weather in Columbus has been hanging in the 70s all week.
And its going to be there for the next little while.
At first, I was confused.
But then I remembered something...
there is this season that seems to be lacking in AZ.
Some people call it fall.
Others call it autumn.
All I know is that it brings beautiful weather and beautiful colors.
Our trees haven't changed yet, but I'm so excited for it to happen.
So, while I miss all my peoples out in AZ...
this is definitely a point for OH.

Oh, and before you start trying to throw "winter" in my face...
I already know that winter is going to suck.
But its a great excuse to buy cute winter clothes and lots of scarves!


Lindsey said...

Yeah scarves! Let's be cute!

Karen said...

I'm jealous of fall! We're still sweating it out here, I can't even imagine that. The picture you posted of the leave is gorgeous, it makes me want to rake up a bunch of leaves and throw my kids in them!