Saturday, May 10, 2008

See Summer Smile

Tonight is my little sister's senior prom. Since it is her last ever high school dance, I thought I would capture all the memories!
Summer is so happy to go to prom!

But when her date was a little late (okay, an hour! but everyone else in the group was getting picked up first, so we forgive him!), she was sad!

Just a little bling-bling to complete the look

Mom literally taping Summer's dress onto her...the sleeves kept moving, so we added double sided tape!

Always so lady-like! Mom made sure to tell Summer to NOT sit like this.

Okay, so my mom ALWAYS has to pin the flower on the guy because my sister's and I NEVER were able to figure it out!

I wish I had gotten a better picture of Summer's corsage. Instead of having that elastic wristband, it was seriously like a pearl bracelet. So pretty!
Summer told me that her date (who's name I have now forgotten!) was going to be in a brown suit...and I had my reservations. But the brown looked really good with her peach dress.After we took some pictures inside, Summer's date (who I will go ahead and mention is a football player...way to go Summer!) asked if we wanted pictures out by the limo. So we were all "OOOHH!" and head outside to this! How awesome to head to prom in your very own party RV!

The driver was even all dressed up and was speaking with a fake British accent. So funny! (and his wife was sitting in the front seat in a tank top, sipping her Thirst Buster!)

And since Jessica is always complaining that there are never any pictures of her on my blog, I am posting this fabulous picture of her. I can't help it if she makes such funny goofy faces!

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yet another funny post from Lisa! I was cracking up at the way Summer was sitting and your mom making a point to tell her not to and the awesome limo with the tank top lady and thirst buster - so funny. Summer and Jessica you are beautiful! I cannot believe how grown up they are - seriously - its only been 5 years. Love the dress, hair, everything. And so something all of us girls would do - show up and take pictures just like you did - good job Lisa. Its fun to see your younger sisters experiencing Prom and fun things like that huh? We always make a big deal out of it too.