Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Madness!

Since Monday was Memorial Day, the family decided it was the perfect excuse to head up to the lake. We loaded up the jet skis (and by "we" I mean dad!), packed up some food, and drove up to Roosevelt Lake. Even though the weather was kinda chilly and windy, and the water was crazy choppy, we were able to have a fabulously fun day!
Lindsey and Mike
Daddy and me...try to ignore my awesomeness

Mom and Amy soaking up some rays

Richard and Lindsey Owen (friends of Mike and Lindsey) came with us and loved it!
TJ and his little bro Jake coming back from Jake's first ever ride
Daddy showing Mike how it is done!

Jake had so much fun on the jet skis...he even was brave enough to ride with Mike!

TJ and Jake amused themselves between rides by trying to smash rocks...

Amy loved the jet skis, even though it wasn't moving anywhere!

Brotherly love!

Lindsey, Lindsey, and mom playing cards


Brenden & Nikki said...

That is such a good pic of you and TJ on your header! You are so photogenic!!


So fun - we were super boring this year for Memorial Day so I am jealous. Any time to work on a summer tan sounds good to me. Looks like you guys had a blast.

Aaron & Tami said...

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if you ever want to take a look and maybe pass it around i cant get on to some peoples blogs. but give us a call sometime and we will do the same!! love ya