Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

To all the mothers, soon-to-be mothers, and future mothers out there I wish you all a happy mother's day. Even if you don't have any kids yet, make your husband treat you like a queen today!

My mother is probably one of the greatest mother's out there. She's a little bit like a Wonder Woman (for her amazing super powers), Martha Stewart (cause she's the craftiest person EVER), Rachel Ray (cause she never needs to spend more than 30 minutes in the kitchen) and Stacey London (because she isn't afraid to tell us What Not To Wear!) So to honor my mother today, I present to you the Many Faces Of My Mom:

After 25 years of marriage, my mom is still in love with my dad...and she shows it. Mom taught me all about love and dating. She wasn't afraid to tell me if she thought my boyfriend of the moment was a loser. She always checked our lips after we came home from a date to see if they were puffy!

My mom is one of the funniest people I know! She is the first one to make a goofy face (and if you have seen this blog then you know that we love to make goofy faces). Growing up with 5 sisters, someone was almost always in a bad mood. Mom would be one of the first ones to start making jokes (usually resulting in the mad one getting madder, but the other 4 of us thought it was hilarious!)

Mom always supported me as I was going to school. Without the financial support I received from mom and dad, it probably would have taken me a little longer to get though school. I know that when I graduated, my mom was proud of me. Even now that school is over, mom continues to support me in my job hunt and every other aspect of life!

My mom is crazy amazing and totally planned my whole wedding on her own. From the invitations, food, cake, decorations, even the bridesmaid dresses, my mom did it all. My mom took me to my dress fittings, made all of my bridesmaid dresses, and tried to make all my wedding dreams come true (ignoring the fact that I was not helpful)

So on this, the Day of Mother's, I want to let my mother know that I love her, I think she is amazing, and that she is my hero! As Abraham Lincoln once said, "Everything I know, I learned from my mother!"



What a cute post Lisa - so nice. I LOVE your mom. She was always so funny. I loved working with her in YW. You have such a fun family - they remind me SO MUCH of my family. It must be all the girls - isn't it seriously the best to grow up in a family of all girls! I love it. I still remember going to meetings at the house and little Summer and Jessica (you guys called her Jesse then) Anyways...they would come in there and bug your mom or start yelling at each other from the other room.....or maybe that was you and Summer?? Ha ha Anyways - I just always loved being around your family. It looks like you guys are still having fun. And your mom looks AWESOME! I remember when she went on her slim fast diet for Callie's wedding.....ok I'm probably freaking you out with all my wierd memories. Tell your mom I said hi. Where are they living now? Oh...and what did you end up doing for your date on Fri?

Sar Bear said...

Your mom is amazing! I love her! I love your family to death! I miss you all very very much!