Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hi TJ!

This is TJ.

TJ just finished his second semester at ASU (and now only has 2 more semesters to go!).
TJ worked extremely hard this semester in all of his classes.
TJ spent crazy amounts of time at the library or in our office reading hundreds of pages of text.
TJ also started an LSAT class in March and had to double the amount of time he spent studying.
TJ stayed up late each night and woke up early each morning.
TJ has, once again, gotten straight A's and has managed to keep his GPA above 4.0
TJ will receive the Maroon & Gold scholarship again next year because of his awesomeness.
TJ might even get more scholarships because of his super smarts.
TJ is pretty much a super student and I am super proud of him.
TJ is also very cute.


Brendan, Calli, Taylor and Keaton said...

Way to go T.J.! We're proud of you! (and way to be a good supporting wife Lisa.. speaking as the wife of a student, I know how hard it is to have your husband living, sleeping, breathing school!)

Tyler & Ericka said...

Hey nice to see you here, I see you are also a blogger, no shame in that. I like that your blog has a million pictures! We totally need to do something I am moving down there in about a week and a half, but I will be more fat and more pregnant so I won't be as fun as usual just to warn ya. Congrats to TJ by the way!

Ginny said...

Hey lisa! Cute blog! How are you guys doing? it's so fun to run accross friends blogs! i totally kmow how you feel about the whole school thing! colin has two semesters left...w.ere totally counting down the days.