Sunday, May 4, 2008

I need date ideas!

Fact: TJ's last final is on Tuesday, meaning the semester is over and we only have one more year left!

Fact: The past few weeks I have not had a husband because he spends all day at school studying and has his LSAT class at night. By the time he comes home, I must sleep in order to wake up the next morning.

Fact: We have decided to implement the Friday Night Dates, so TJ and I can finally get some US time!

Fact: I am in charge of planning the date this Friday and need some fun date ideas (that are preferably free!) so please leave your ideas in the comments!

Fact: I recently read a book in which the kid continually said "Fact:" and I loved it.



Lisa - you are hilarious....just like I remember. I crack up everytime I read your blog - I love how you write. I wish I had a good idea or 2 to give you, but
FACT: I don't.
Ok..that wasn't funny. I'll try to think of something and get back to you.

Lindsey said...

Mike and I love free dates, and we found the hint is to check some of the local cities' websites. The one below is the city of Tempe. Apparently they have a free movie in the park every Friday night this month. We love these because even if the movie's not very good it's fun to take a picnic and lay out on a blanket.

Movies in the Park 2008
Category: Sports & Recreation
When: 5/9/2008 7:00 PM to 5/9/2008 9:00 PM
Location: Kiwanis Park @ Mill Ave and All-American Way, Tempe
Contact: @ 480-350-2500
Free Admission-Bring your blankets, a picnic dinner, and the entire family to enjoy a great movie in the park! Date Movie Title Rating April 25, 2008 We Are Marshall PG May 2, 2008 Apollo 13 PG May 9, 2008 Are We Done Yet? PG May 16, 2008 Charlotte's Web G May 23, 2008 Surf's Up PG Movies shown by the fire pit on the west side of Kiwanis Lake

Kristin said...

Jaron & I try to be creative and we some times do a letter date. Pick a letter of the alphabet and make as much of your date with that letter. Like for 'M' you could go to the Movies, get Munchies, Make out (hopefully that's not inappropriate- you're married;)) get the idea? You can make it cheap or not so cheap. Hope that helps :)