Saturday, May 24, 2008

Class of 2008!

At my high school graduation, there was a giant dust storm that turned our hats into weapons as they flew off our heads, blew the flags and diplomas all around, and made for a most memorable night. Well, not to be outdone my sister Summer graduated Thursday night from Gilbert High the pouring rain! When it started raining that afternoon, we knew that graduation was doomed! With 800 students graduating, the football field is the only place big enough to hold all the grads and all their family and friends. Different contingency plans were tossed around, like having the graduates in the auditorium and making the families watch the whole thing on a tv in the gym. Obviously, there were many parents who were unhappy with this regardless of the fact that it was pouring rain and freezing cold, graduation took place as planned. By the time the graduates actually walked onto the field, we were already soaked. After listening to 5 (!) salutatorians, the school song, and the valedictorian (who was booed when she said "just give me 4 minutes"!), and watching countless beach balls and tiny mice being released by grads and caught by the teachers on the field, they finally called the names. And I think it was the quickest I have ever heard names read! Even though it was wet and cold, it was a night that Summer will always remember! Gecko Grill made a perfect graduation feast!
Yes, that is a trash bag on my mother's head.

Jessica and I...soaked.
The happy graduate!

Summer and friends are so happy to be graduated!

Congratulations Summy!


cindy said...

thanks for being such a good blogger almost made it saound like it was fun!

Jessica said...

yeah, the pictures of me just keeping getting better and better everytime........


Your family is hilarious! C'mon Cindy - it HAD to be fun - I saw that big oh grin on your face! I was sad we didn't have a graduation to go to this year.....until it started raining that day. No thanks, but you guys look like you made the best of it....oh the memories you will have. Summer you are absolutely beautiful - honestly gorgeous!Congratulations. Lisa - love the new header - I can't figure out how to do that.....or maybe its just that I don't have a cute pic of myself like you do. You are a great blogger Lisa - its always fun to see your updates. Keep them coming.

Summer said...

thank you sis. kocherhans! and thanks lisa for coming and taking good pictures!