Sunday, July 25, 2010

Deja Vu?

Do you feel like I have a million posts about going to Diamondback games?
I hesitated to even post these pictures,
since I have posted so many of us at baseball games.
But then I realized, that I have nothing else new to blog about.
So it is either Dbacks pictures or nothing.
Lucky for you, this is the last game this season that we will attend.
This is our happy family at the baseball game.
Riker started off quite happy.
But now that he is a bit more active, he doesn't like to just sit.
So after a few innings, Riker and I ended up in the "picnic" area.
And he is once again happy as a clam.
I think he looks like a bitty baby Buddha when he sits.
It's the belly.
And the big bald head.
TJ and I took turns trying to make Riker laugh.
I wish this was a video instead of a picture.
Riker was laughing up a storm.
His laugh is adorable.
However, if this was a video, you would also hear the awkward noise I was forced to make in order to get Riker to laugh like this.
So in that case, thank heavens this is a picture and not a video.
TJ is also able to get Riker to laugh.
Eh, more like giggle.
Riker doesn't find TJ as funny as he finds me.
TJ has to work a lot harder to get Riker to laugh.
But Riker will always smile when TJ walks in the door at night.
So that's a plus for TJ.
By the time the crowd stood up for the 7th inning stretch,
Riker was asleep.
It's just was well...
the Dbacks lost. By a lot.
Kind of a bummer, since it was the last game we get to attend this season.
Oh well.
See ya next season, Dbacks!

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