Sunday, July 4, 2010

Oh So Crafty

I found this super cute tutorial to make dresses,
so my sister Jessica and I decided to give it a try.
Of was required to help a little bit! mom is awesome.
She is hemming a dress AND talking on the phone.
Talk about talent.

And now, the finished products:
Definitely a relatively easy project.
(even easier with mom's help!)
We finished our dresses in about 2 hours.
And they only cost about $12 to make...
not too shabby!
They aren't perfect, but we learned some things along the way and know what changes to make to our next dress!


Wade and Christie said...

Way Cute!!! Going to check out that tutorial NOW! PS missed you at Gage's bday...would love to see you guys before you leave! Let us know when you are free!

Lo said...

Super cute dresses! My friend and I want to make them. Any tips??