Thursday, July 22, 2010

Glitter Toes

My new hobby:
I learned how to do glitter toes while out here in AZ.
Apparently they are the latest fashion craze!
They are super cute...
I have yet to see a color that doesn't look awesome.
The best part is that they last for 4-6 weeks!
It isn't nail polish.
It's a gel system that is stronger than nail polish,
hence the super durability.
I've been doing them for family and friends...
and friends of friends...
and friends of friends of friends.

If you want yours done, let me know.
Only $15 for your first time
(salons in AZ are charging anywhere from $25-$50!)
I'm in AZ until August 2,
then I'm heading back to Ohio
(so C-bus friends, I can do yours too!)


The Palmers said...

they really are super cute

Anonymous said...

HOw do you get the glitter to stay when you put a coat on top??????