Thursday, June 3, 2010

Get In Mah Belly!

We recently introduced Riker to rice cereal.
Our first attempt went something like this:
He wasn't really into it.

I tried again a week later.
This is what the second attempt looked like:
That boy was eager to get that spoon into his mouth!
Look at his finger!
He was so excited he kept reaching for the spoon and got cereal all over his hands!

I made my niece Taylor try a bite of the rice cereal.
Lisa: Taylor, taste this.
Taylor: (takes a spoonful into her mouth)
Lisa: Is it gross?
Taylor: (shakes head no)
Lisa: Does it taste good?
Taylor: (nods yes...then gags)
Lisa: (laughing hysterically!)

Oh, and for those who care (TJ? My mom?) I took a little video of Riker eating rice cereal.
A couple of disclaimers:
1. I was filming and feeding at the same ignore the shakiness of the camera.
2. I wasn't paying attention to the TV during the making of this film, so please ignore the laxative commercial that is playing in the background.
And now, our feature presentation.

The end.


Ryan and Tawnee said...

You don't know me but I peeked at your blog today and wanted to tell you how stinkin' cute it is! And how funny I thought you are. Very very darling....brings me back to the early days when I had just one baby....oh those tender days....enjoys them young mommy!

Brenden+Nikki said...

ha ha Brenden and I both think he is quite a cutie! Have fun with the new world of solids!

cindy said...

poor thing looks like he is starving to death...maybe you should just blend a steak up for him!