Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tummy Time

Riker HATES tummy time.
Like, with a passion.
And because I am an awesome mother,
I grabbed the camera while he screamed his head off.
No, he did not fall asleep while on his tummy.
He kept rubbing his face on the floor in frustration.
And now he sees that I have a camera
and he's probably wondering why his mother is such a cruel, heartless woman.
But no worries.
As soon as he gets flipped back over, he's all smiles.


Jonny and Brittany said...

hahaha! Too funny! Funny how at that age anything small can change their mood! Cute pics!!

KarynBodell said...

That is so funny! He is such a beautiful baby!!! His smile just melts my heart :)

The Palmers said...

that is so funny, the switch. He is getting so super cute, well cuter b/c he has always been cute