Saturday, May 29, 2010

Catching Frogs

or toads.
I really don't know the difference.
We are staying at my grandparent's place in Gilbert
(which works out great since they go to northern AZ for the summers).
Sometimes there are frogs (or toads) in their backyard.
And since TJ is a 5 year old boy, he had to catch one.
Riker really didn't care too much about the frog...toad...amphibian.
As soon as I pulled the camera out, he stared at it instead of the...amphibian.
Sometimes, Riker does really cute things.
But as soon as I pull the camera out to capture the moment,
he stops and stares at the camera.


Karen said...

Riker is so darn cute even with his little stare. Call us, we'd love to come see you when you have time!

cindy said...

We'll see if TJ has as much fun with the scorpions when they come out!!!

Wade and Christie said...

Eww...I don't like toads or frogs or anything of that sort! lol hey since you are staying at Grandmas and Grandpas, are you gettin mail delivered to their house? I need to mail you an invitation and I wasn't sure where to send it! Let me know! Thanks!