Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What We've Been Up To

I've been thinking that I really need to update my blog.
I've been thinking I had all sorts of pictures to upload and many things to share.
But then I looked at my camera...
and I was wrong.
There were pictures on there,
just not the quantity I thought there was.

I did find pictures from our lake trip.
The weather that day was perfect
and the water was awesome.
And I have a gazillion pictures of Riker in various stages of cuteness.
But I didn't want to put any of those on.
Instead, I'm posting this one:
Riker was really enjoying his rice cereal.
This particular morning he was enjoying it a bit too much.
It was literally everywhere.
If I took too long to get another spoonful into his mouth,
he would simply wipe the cereal that was on his mouth all over his face.
It was in his hair and ears, on his belly and legs...
the bumbo chair was even covered.
This is one little boy who loves to eat!

We only have one month left in AZ.
We plan to go to a couple more Diamondback games...
spend even more time in the pool...
maybe go to the lake again...
and just try to get as much AZ funtime in before we head back to Ohio.

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Derek & Kellyn said...

we want to see you before you leave. I'll send TJ a message on fb