Monday, June 7, 2010

Yet Another Post In Which We Go To A Baseball Game

Didn't I just write a post about going to the Diamondback's game?
I did...right here.
But this time, TJ got to go with us.
Taking this picture caused me much anxiety.
My dad's seats are the front row of the third level.
Awesome view of the game...
really scary high up.
As long as we are sitting back in our seats, I am totally fine.
But leaning forward (or standing up!) causes stress.
Riker is amazing and was able to fall asleep
amidst the bright lights and cheering fans.
Is it totally random that I found this onesie
(featuring vintage Dback colors)
at a thrift store in Dayton, OH?
I thought so, too.

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azHarline said...

He is so cute. I love those blue eyes.