Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Birfday!

Today is TJ's birthday.
Last year he turned twenty five...
and I listed 25 things that I love about him.
Now he's 26.
He's one year older and wiser too.
The 25 reasons I loved TJ last year still apply...
so instead of creating a new list, I will simply add to it.
Reason #26 why I love my husband:
he's SO excited to be a daddy!
When I first thought I was pregnant, I was nervous.
TJ and I had talked about it, it was planned, it definitely wasn't a surprise.
But for some reason, I was still nervous about telling TJ.
As soon as I told him, I knew it was silly to be nervous.
He was happy and excited and ready to share our news!
Now that baby is almost here, TJ is even more excited.
While there are certain things he's not looking forward to
(like the crying and the diapers and the spit up and the lack of sleep)
there are many things that he is definitely looking forward to
(like the sports and the...sports...TJ really wants baby to play football!).
I'm so excited to see TJ as a daddy and know he will be the best dad ever.
I love you, husband, and look forward to sharing another year of your life with you!


Brenden+Nikki said...

Wait are you sure? Cause I really thought that you posted his birthday post like a couple months ago. I'm not kidding. Where did the time go?

EEEKKK 17 days Lisa!! (Can you tell that I'm blog stalking you? I'm SO excited for you guys!) You're in the timeline where I was when I would wake up every morning and think "Is this it? Is today going to be the day?" (Of course my doc was convinced that I was going to give birth "any day now" for 3 weeks. THAT'S annoying).

Just so you know I'll be checking your blog every day pretty much. And you better have TJ post pictures immediately because I simply can't handle waiting :).

And the spit up isn't that bad. You get used to wearing it all the time. I promise. hee hee.

I wish you guys lived closer so we could see you.

Ok, that's all.

azHarline said...

It is cute when they get so excited for a little baby. I can't believe your baby is almost here. It seems as if time has just flown by for you.