Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Love Story

This post is long. Like, really long. I left out details where I could...but it's a love story, so details are important.

Once upon a time,
December 2005 to be more precise,
my buddy Shane came with me to my singles ward.
We scoped out those in attendance, looking for potential dates for each other.
Shane decided none of the males were worth my time.
Instead, he decided that I needed to meet a guy who attended his University singles ward.
Important sidenote:
At this time in our lives, Shane was rather eccentric.
Bleach blond mohawk, chick pants, scarves, etc.
I wasn't sure how much I trusted his judgement...
I told Shane that I don't do blind dates and left it at that.
Or so I thought.
The next couple of weeks consisted of constant text messages and phone calls.
Shane was constantly singing the praises of his amazing person...
"One date and you will be in love"
"This is the man you are going to want to marry"
Eventually, I caved.
Mainly just to silence Shane's incessant nagging.
The date was set for December 21, 2005.
Shane picked me up and we headed to the movie theater.
My date was waiting there along with Shane's date for the evening.
The first time I saw him, my smile grew bigger.
He was cute!
The evening consisted of dinner (Chinese food...not a favorite)
and a movie (The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe...I'd already seen it).
I was nervous and shy and hoping that I was making a good impression.
At the end of the evening, my date drove me home.
With a hug at the door, I wondered if he would call again.
I didn't see him again until New Year's Eve.
We both showed up at the same party.
He was with his friends, I was with mine.
I had a slight panic...at this time, most of my friends were boys.
Would he think that was odd?
Would he think I was taken?
Would he even care?
As midnight approached, I ended up right next to him.
I wasn't foolish enough to think he'd give me a New Year's kiss...
but maybe a hug? or even just a smile? and acknowledgement?
I did get a hug from him...then watched as he hugged several other females nearby.
I guess it didn't mean what I wanted it to mean.
As my friends and I left the party, I hear my name from across the parking lot.
It was him!
"It was great seeing you tonight...I'm going to call you in the next couple days."
The rest of the night was a blur.
I was officially twitter-patted.
I didn't have to wait long for that much anticipated phone call.
January 1, 2006.
An invitation to watch a movie with some of his friends at his house.
He held my hand has we shared a blanket.
He kissed me once when he walked me out.
January 2, 2006.
An invitation to a Fiesta Bowl game.
Another kiss.
More than one this time.
From then on, events begin to blend together.
We began to spend a lot of time together.
By Valentine's Day I knew I was in love...
but I certainly couldn't say it first!
What if he didn't feel the same?!
So I waited.
We went on dates.
We talked and laughed.
We enjoyed every second we had together.
March 4, 2006.
As he walked me to my door, he looks me in the eye.
"Do you love me? 'Cause I'm sure that I'm in love with you."
I wanted to cry...to laugh...to jump up and down screaming.
Of course I loved him.
Our relationship was strong.
We talked every single day.
We saw each other almost every single day.
We were in love and wanted to be together.
And then...he broke up with me.
I know, right!? Who saw that coming!?
He said he needed some "time" to figure things out.
Apparently, we had reached the "poop or get off the pot" stage...
and he wasn't sure.
If you ask him, he'll tell you he didn't want to get married.
Yes, he loved me.
Yes, he wanted to spend his life with me.
But why couldn't we just keep our relationship the way it was?
He went to a conference in Seattle for a week.
He didn't call me once that entire week.
That was the week I broke out in hives.
When he came home, he called me.
He wasn't ready to get married, but he didn't want to not be with me.
So our relationship resumed, but didn't move forward.
I loved him and he loved me...
but my ring finger was itching for something shiny.
July 2006.
We went to Showlow with my family.
He crashed my cousin's quad.
His first comment afterward:
"Welp, there goes your wedding ring fund!"
My ring fund? He's going to get me a ring?
August 19, 2006.
My 21st birthday.
He said he had a special date planned to celebrate.
I knew that it would happen that night.
It had to.
A romantic dinner followed by a walk up "A" mountain.
We sat at the top, looking at the city lights below us.
He gets down on one knee
(as best as he could, since we were on the side of a mountain)
and gives a lovely speech about how happy he wants to make me
(I don't remember a word he said since I was already crying at this point)
and pulled a tiny box out of his pocket.
I don't remember if I actually said the word yes or not.
All I know is he slide that ring on my finger and gave me a kiss.
January 6, 2007
TJ and I were sealed for time and all eternity.
He still loves me and I still love him.


jmcrosby said...

Cute story Lisa. Love stories are the best.

Tyler and Karisa said...

I loved reading that... details and all! We just celebrated our anniversary too! I hope you guys enjoy your anniversary as you prepare for your little guy to come soon! Love you!

Karen said...

I'm so glad you said yes to your eccentric friend for a blind date. Because what resulted is a beautiful, talented couple, who are fun and so cute together. I wish you were here so we could help you with your new baby soon!

Ginny said...

cute story.....cute couple....and in just a few weeks you'll have a cute baby! PERFECT!! :)

Brendan, Calli, Taylor, Keaton, and Brody said...

Happy Anniverary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

cindy said...

F-O-R-E-V-E-R...Can't wait for the next chapter!

Lisa, Andy, Peyton, and Baxter said...

That was so fun reading! Congratulations on three years!