Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Riker had his very first bath today. bath1

He is definitely not a fan of being naked…


it was quite traumatic.bath3

Of course, his cries didn’t stop us from taking the time to take pictures!bath4

As soon as he was wrapped up, he was MUCH happier. bath5

He loves to suck on his hands…he is constantly sticking them in him mouth. bath6

He fell fast asleep as soon as the whole ordeal was over.


He smells like a fresh, clean baby again.

Is there anything that smells better?

I submit that there is not.


Nat & Tommy said...

lis, he is precious! im so happy for you guys! now come visit so we can meet the little guy!

azHarline said...

Your little guy is adorable. Congrats!!

Katie said...

Madelyn hated baths too for the first little while...

and then we realized it was because the water wasn't warm enough. I made it significantly warmer and now bath time is pretty much her favorite.

And you're right- fresh smelling babies are the best. :)

The Gunnell's said...

These pictures are so adorable!! Love them! It's so true that fresh smelling babies are the best!

Ryan and Alisha said...

so when is the blessing?

Karen said...

He is so precious Lisa! And I agree, clean smelling babies is the yummiest thing in the world!

Wade and Christie said...

Hey! Long time since we have checked in..You have such a cute little boy and family of 3!