Monday, January 25, 2010

Life After Mom

Remember when I had my baby?

Like, 2 weeks ago?

As soon as I knew that my baby boy was coming, I called my mom.

Correction: I told TJ to call my mom. I was dealing with painful contractions.

Once mom knew that this baby was coming, she jumped on a plane and flew out to C-bus.

 Riker James Grier 007

Mom stayed with us for 12 days.

For 12 days, she cooked and cleaned and even washed our laundry and drove TJ to and from school.

She let me cry for absolutely no reason (gotta love those hormones) and gave me great advice on being a mom.

She let me take naps and sit around in my pajamas all day long.

Riker James Grier 014

Well, those 12 days came to an end much too quickly.

Mom left on Saturday.

I spent most of the day Saturday crying (seriously, those hormones? awesome.)

Having my mom here meant I hadn’t fully taken on the role of being the mom yet. I was scared to attempt it without her here.

Sunday was fantastic…TJ let me sleep and shower and even made me lunch (mac and cheese…his specialty).

But then it was Monday. TJ left for school. I was left at home. Alone. With a baby.

Riker James Grier 018  I think Riker knew that today was our first day alone together.

He slept practically all day long. Which meant I slept practically all day long. And that was awesome.

I received phone calls from friends…just checking to make sure I wasn’t having a melt down. I was happy to say that both Riker and I were doing just fine.

Dinner was provided by a very sweet friend. TJ came home to shower his little boy with love and kisses. I was allowed to watch the Bachelor.

Overall, it was a good day. We survived today…now we are ready for tomorrow.


Brenden+Nikki said...

Aw I'm glad it went great. I have to say that you and a lot of moms have one up on experience....I've always had Brenden home for the most part (well, except for two weeks total). So you are truly superwoman, because that is a daunting responsibility at first when you have a two week old baby.

Mom's are awesome. My MIL stayed here and made us meals too. I didn't feel comfortable enough to let my hormones fly in front of her and so I held in my tears until she left. Then I cried probably like 3 times a day (from frustrations that you know of).

Ha ha I'm so proud and happy for you Lisa. I wish I lived close by - I would have come visit you too.

And can I just say that Riker has beautiful hair? Collin is as bald as a bowling ball (well he is getting little strands growing in) so I love looking at babies with hair. And he has a beautiful skin tone too. You guys did a good job :).

Amber Smith said...

Oh I totally remember what those days without mom are like! So daunting. Don't worry, it doesn't feel like that forever :) I'm really glad your first day went smooth and calm for you!

Ginny said...

oh man!! I remeber that soooo well! I remember the night before colin ha to go back to work after being off for a while i just sat and cried and creid to him because I didnt want him to go back! but it's really not that bad after you go through it, and i definitley hear ya on the hormones! good luck youll do great!!!!

cindy said...

You have the best mom...too bad shes not more photogenic!!! I miss both of you but felt you were more than capable of taking on the role of MOM!