Sunday, January 11, 2009

One score and five years ago...

...TJ was born! 
So in honor of his 25th birthday, here are the top 25 things I love about my husband:

1. He loves me!
2. He is passionate about so many different things, from sport to politics to Star Trek
3. He pushes himself to be the best...but he does it just for him, not to impress other people
4. He is honest...brutally honest
5. He doesn't care about what people think of him. You either like him or you don't.
6. He is determined to succeed in life, whatever it takes.
7. Little kids love him. My nieces and nephew are always willing to go play with Uncle TJ.
8. He does the dishes...he doesn't want to do the dishes, but he does them anyway.

9. He loves his family.
10. He is a worthy priesthood holder.
11. He can take me to the temple.
12. He doesn't like to drive. Most of the time, this annoys me because I always have to drive. But he pictures us when we are old, with me and my white hair driving him around town (and I think it's cute that he pictures us as old people)
13. He was my biggest cheerleader all through college, during my crappy semester of student teaching, and my search for a job.
14. He always tells me that I look pretty (except first thing in the morning, because...well, refer to #4)
15. He is all about giving service to others.
16. He makes friends with everyone. Seriously, he can strike up a conversation with anyone and suddenly they are the best of friends.
17. He maintains his friendships. He still talks to old friends from high school...something that I am not very good at!

18. He is adventerous. He'll try anything once...well, probably more than once.
19. He hates when people tell him he can't do something. He will do it, and do it better than you, if you tell him he can't do something.
20. He loves to learn. He is always researching some random topic on Wikipedia.
21. He has a crooked smile that I think is just so adorable!
22. He always roots for the underdog.
23. He loves books. He always has to buy books that he wants to read because he highlights and makes notes in them.
24. He would do anything for someone that he cares about.

25. He's just so darn cute!

So happy birthday, babe! I'm glad you were born!


Wade and Christie said...

Happy Birthday TJ!

Brenden+Nikki said...

Happy Birthday!! Whoo hoo!! I loved your list Lisa. TJ really does have a talent with talking to people. You guys are a great couple. We crack up every time we're with you guys because you guys compliment each other perfectly!

Ryan and Alisha said...

Sorry we missed your party!! I know you had a blast. Happy Birthday TJ!!

Brenden+Nikki said...

aw thanks for being excited for us! I LOOOOOVVVEEEE the young women and totally miss them! Tell them I said hi and that I totally want to come by and visit sometime!