Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thoughts on Commencement...


I would like to share my feelings in regards President Obama’s arrival at Arizona State University. Questions have been asked in regards to whether I would be going to see the President speak. My retort was, “what do you think?” Obviously I am not going but maybe I can clarify a few of the reasons for my absence. This is not an exhaustive treatise of my grievances but just an email written in less than an hour so if there are grammatical errors please relax :)

Let me be very clear on how I feel. President Barack Obama is the worst thing to happen to this country in the last sixty years. Now, you may just chalk this up as the musings of a “Right Wing Extremist” but nonetheless it is still relevant.

During a similar address to Wesleyan University in 2008 the president said, “Our individual salvation depends on collective salvation.” What an interesting statement to make but what does it mean? The president’s ascension has been clouded by his charming personality along with an adoring media. The meaning is clear though, individual responsibility is to be replaced by collective sacrifice. So why would I want to hear another speech highlighting that fact. Furthermore I do not support the president in the following areas:

I do not support the Presidents goals to increase taxes

I do not support his selection of judges

I do not support his Foreign Policy/National security decisions ( although for the most part he is ok on Afghanistan..still though )

I do not support his activist view of the constitution

I do no support his drunken spending and entitlement programs

I do not support his stance on immigration

I do no support his education policies

I do not support his stance on abortion and his vilifying of the religious

I do not support his environmental policies

I do not support his health care agenda

I do not support his 2nd Amendment goals




Are there some things that he is doing well, of course there is. Unfortunately the majority of his policies are meant to reshape America into something that I desperately do not want it to be. I wish the President the best of luck and hope he wakes up tomorrow morning realizing the error of his policies.

In the meantime I cannot and will not subject myself to a message that will most likely be filled with empty platitudes and outright lies.

p.s. graduating summa cum laude with a BA in Political Science..totally stoked.


Thomas James Grier


The Gunnell Fam said...


Jen Olson Brown said...

Congratulations on the graduation! Can we count on you running for the oval office in 2019? Great post. I love freedom of speech and informed writers. Great job on Summa Cum Laude. I only graduated Summa Cum Softe. (That was a joke.)

EmileeandJonny said...

totally agree- I'm glad my husband wasn't graduating this year or we would have to sit out on it too! I definately can not support him as my president. congrats on graduating though!!!

Karen said...

Congrats on graduation! That is a big accomplishment! Seriously, I'm hoping you run for something as soon as possible. You have our support!

AmyK said...

I'd have boycotted something like that, too. Not a fan of Obama... definitely not a fan.
Congratulations on graduating, though.