Monday, May 25, 2009

Capable Campers

We spent our Memorial Day Weekend in the woods.
We went with David and Brittney Vilt.
They brought the baby and the dog, too.
We found a perfect spot near Pinal Peak.
The weather was marvelous...
except at night.
It got cold.
The Vilt's may have froze to death.
The men chopped wood and started fires.
They were also in charge of the food.
Surprisingly yummy.
Baby Eli was at one with nature.
He was only cranky when he couldn't crawl in the dirt.
But I get it.
Crawling in dirt is da bomb.
The fire pit was the spot to be.
Everyone who is anyone was chilling by the pit.
Even Zeus.
Coolest dog ever.

All in all, camping is super.
Good friends, good weather, good conversations.
Good times.

1 comment:

mckayland said...

i love to read your posts, they make me laugh. "the vilts may have froze to death...everyone who is anyone was chilling at the pit". hilarious. if you wrote a book i'd read it.