Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust...

First, a little background:
The hubs served his mission for our church in Boise, ID.
He loved every single minute of it.
(And yes, he can find it on a map)
One of the best parts of the mission would have to be the friendships he developed.
When he came home, he actually lived with several other Boise missionaries.
These boys are still his very best friends.
Jared got married first.
Followed by David.
The hubs and I were married next.
And then there was Pat.
Pat was the "forever bachelor" type.
He would rather go camp in the middle of nowhere than go on a date.
But then he met Tyne.
Tyne likes camping.
And so, this past weekend, Pat and Tyne tied the knot.
She was lovely. He was dapper.
They cut the cake as husband and wife
(carrot cake...none for me, thanks anyway)
They were both pleasant as they took their first bites.
No frosting in the hair. No cake up the nose.
That's true love.
Of course, the getaway car was fair game.
I was elected scribe because...well, boys have yucky handwriting.
Plus, I wanted to make sure things were kept relatively tame.
David still snuck a little joke in for Pat.
He wrote it small (for Pat's eyes only).
Tyne still saw it!
It was a windy, windy day.
But it was wonderful to spend the day with all our friends.
Jared and Brittney (with baby Baer).
David and Brittney (with baby Eli).
And now, Patrick and Tyne.
The final Boise Boy is married.


Brenden+Nikki said...

I personally think it's true love when you squish cake up your new spouse's nose because you know he'll love you anyway. I'm just saying....

Jen Olson Brown said...

So cute! Boys do have "yucky" handwriting. Well written and a joy to read!