Monday, May 18, 2009

It's The Final Countdown

11 more days.

Just 11 more days until summer begins.
Here's my list of top 11 "must do" activities for this summer.

1. Girls Camp
Seriously, so excited.
I made Russia.
It looks awesome.
Pictures to come soon.
Please wait with bated breath.

2. Lake trips
Whatevs, I'm not picky.
Just white and in need of a tan.

3. Staying awake past 9
Going to bed early makes me feel old.
But it's so necessary on school days.
Lack of sleep makes Mrs. Grier cranky.
I do it for the kids.
But not this summer.

4. Reading
I love to read.
Any time. Any where.
Almost anything.
But nothing lame.
I am working on my summer reading list now.
I'll share when I'm satisfied.

5. Craft
Something. Anything.
It's like an itch.
I'm not a crafty person.
My mom kept those genes for herself.
But I feel like I should make something.
(Read: I feel like my mom should help me make something)
(maybe mom should just do it all and let me take the credit)

6. Win Biggest Lewiser
Season Two.
The first weigh in is Wednesday.
Final weigh in is in August.
Dad won last year.
Not this time.

7. See my girlfrieds
I mean it.
I know we always say it.
So let's do it.

8. Learn a new skill
Not quite sure what.
Should I knit? Learn calligraphy?
What about break dancing?
Hmm...clearly this hasn't been well thought out.
Suggestions would be appreciated.
As would an offer to teach me said skill.

9. Take a trip
Where? Who knows.
When? No idea.
The economy sucks.
Money is tight.
I'll be happy with a short trip.
Northern AZ?
Southern CA?
We shall see...

10. Go on a hike
This one is tough.
Mainly because it is ridiculously hot in AZ.
Maybe #9 and #10 can be combined.

11. Eat otter pops
Really not a fan of popsicles.
But otter pops are wonderful.
The pink ones are my favorite.

There you have it
I'm really looking forward to my first official "summer vacation" 
What are your summer plans?


cindy said...

okay first off it was couples biggest looser and dad could not have won without me...I did not keep all the craft genes, you just were not interested...I taught you to knit once, have you forgotten! and yes a tan would be lovely...It will be a great summer for all!

Brendan, Calli, Taylor and Keaton said...

I personally believe that a vacation to Kansas would be awesome... you could road trip here and then you'd have free food and lodgings... that equals cheap. PLUS, we have all kinds of trails and things to hike and it won't be over a 100 degrees here.