Monday, February 4, 2008

SUPER Super Bowl!

Last night was our SUPER Super Bowl party and it was fantabulous! However, I got caught up in the game so I totally forgot to take pictures (what kind of a blogger am I!?) so I will try to paint a picture with my words.

To start off, we invited way too many people! We love hanging out with all of our friends and we were so excited to have everyone show up...but there was pretty much standing room only. Our apartment is bigger than our first one, but it certainly isn't massive. So at one point in the evening, there was 17 people crammed into my front room. Six of us were crammed onto the couch, 7 people were sitting on folding chairs lining the walls (I think one person was pretty much sitting in the kitchen!) and the rest were sprawled on the floor.

The best part about having so many people come over had to be the massive amounts of food everyone brought over. We had cheese dip, bean dip, crab dip, brownies, pigs in a blanket, sub sandwiches, tons of chips, and plently of other goodies. We were eating throughout the game, making sure to pace ourselves so we didn't stuff ourselves before the first quarter was over!

Of course, I can't really post about a Super Bowl party without taking about the Super Bowl game we were watching. What really made the game fun to watch was half of our group was rooting for the Patriots and the other half was cheering for the Giants. After each play we were cheering and yelling...especially in the fourth quarter when things were extremely close!

To make my long post a little bit longer, I must say that if you missed out on our SUPER Super Bowl party you really need to make sure to make it to our next bash! Even though our house isn't the biggest, we love to fill it with friends, fun, and laughter. We love having friends over, whether it be for a game night or just to chat. So come on over!

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