Saturday, February 23, 2008

Do You Have Your Tickets? the GUN SHOW!

So these pictures are actually a couple months old, but I just barely got them from my friend Britney. A while back, TJ and I went out near Peralta Trail with our friends David and Britney, had a little fire, and shot some guns. I have no idea what kind of guns we had (they were David's) but I'm sure if we ask TJ he will be able to tell us all about themTJ giving me a few pointers

"No, silly, don't shoot the ground!"

He's aiming for a jug of water...

And he was victorious!

Is there anything sexier than a man holding a huge gun?


Anonymous said...

Oooh yeah look at me being an awesome friend and commenting on your blog. I chose this one cause lets face it...I love guns. And more importantly I love shooting them. One day in the near future...when I get my massive tax return I will buy a gun, even though my family thinks I should be strictly forbidden from doing so as I might harbor hard feelings (to put it lightly) about a certain individual who will in 9 days be officially and legally an ex-husband. He is a special person. But I would never shoot him cause then how else would I garnish his wages?! Yes anywho, my gun of choice...Walther p22. Black of course as the beautiful nickel one would easily be ruined by fingerprints. Bummer.

cindy said...

You have scary friends!

Jessica Knight said...

Hey Lisa! Thanks for leaving me your e mail, we will be sure to add you! I had no idea you, Lindsay or Calli had a blog! What the? Yeah, I'm excited to keep up on your life since we never see you guys!