Saturday, September 22, 2012

Gilbert Constitution Fair

This week was Constitution Week in Gilbert, celebrating the US Constitution.
TJ volunteered at the fair, teaching people about the Boston Tea Party, boston massacre, Paul revere, and the battle at bunker hill, and was given a fabulous outfit to wear!


Complete with a wig!
Riker thought it was so silly that daddy had long hair like mommy!


While TJ was talking to all the people, Riker, Olivia, and I got to explore the fair.
There were several booths set up with kid games…Riker’s favorite was “fishing”. We visited this booth a LOT!


And no fair is complete without getting your face painted.
Riker was a little unsure at first…


But he was so excited to have a flag on his cheek.
It, of course, did not last too long before he smeared it all over. But since it was on his cheek, he was oblivious to the mess.


Every time Riker got a cool prize at one of the booths, we headed back over to TJ’s area to show it to him.
TJ was usually surrounded by a crowd of people, listening to his spiel about history…his throat is pretty sore!


One of Riker’s favorite parts of the fair was seeing the old helicopter.
He was able to wear a helmet and hold a real (completely NOT loaded!) gun.


This kid was seriously in heaven all night long.
Being able to run around, eat a million tootsie rolls, and get a balloon sword is pretty much his idea of a perfect evening!


Plus, he got tattoos!
I’m sure I will regret putting these on him tomorrow morning when it’s time to go to church…but his smile kind of makes it worth it.


Overall, our time at the Constitution Fair was a blast.
TJ loved getting to talk about history all night and Riker loved playing outside all night!


Oh, and Olivia was there too.
She was ready for a nap the moment we got to the fair…so she just kind of zoned out in the stroller all night.
She was content to just be outside, watching riker run around, and chewing on her sippy cup (because drinking out of a sippy cup is for suckers!).
but here’s a photo to prove that she was there:


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