Thursday, September 20, 2012

Conversations with a 2-Year old

(After a quick stop at Sonic for a much needed Vanilla Diet Coke)
Riker: Mom, Jesus doesn’t want us to drink soda.
Lisa: Well, its okay for mommies and daddies to drink soda sometimes.
Riker: No, Jesus doesn’t want us to drink soda and we have to OBEY him!

(We literally have this conversation every time I turn right at a red light)
Riker: Mom! Red means stop! You have to stop!
Lisa: Its okay, Riker…sometimes its okay to go when the light is red.
Riker: NO! Red means stop, green means go!

(every time I try to get Riker to eat his carrots at dinner)
Riker: Carrots are for bunnies. I’m not a bunny, I’m a big boy!

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