Monday, July 9, 2012

Family Pictures

The last time we took family pictures, Riker was 6 months old.
We figured it was time for some updated pictures and I was lucky enough to win a giveaway from
Christie Knight Photography.

The timing might not have been perfect…
mid-June in Arizona is pretty hot.
But we survived with lots of water and mini fans, and somehow Christie made us look less hot and sweaty than we actually were!

Grier 078Grier 089Grier 091Grier 099Grier 119Grier 243 copyGrier 182Grier 204Grier 145Grier 292Grier 138Grier 400Grier 442Grier 490Grier 619

I love how they turned out and I cannot wait to get some printed to hang in our house.
And maybe the next time I decide we need family pictures, it won’t be in the middle of summer!

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Brian and Emily said...

Lovely pictures and you are a beautiful mama! You look fantastic and happy, Lisa. Hope you guys are well. I miss VTing you!!