Thursday, July 26, 2012

Best $5 I’ve Ever Spent

As much as I LOVE Arizona, I am the first to admit that it gets bloody hot in the summer.
(but I will take 4 months of miserable heat to enjoy the fall/winter/spring months!)
And because it gets so hot, we are desperate for ways to cool down.
This week, I bought a cheap, used water table for the kids and they are in heaven.


Olivia thinks Riker is the bomb-diggity, so being able to play alongside him is practically the greatest thing to ever happen to her.


Riker’s goal is to see just how wet he can actually get.
When his cousins came over to play the other day, all three boys were dripping wet from head to toe…
there was practically no water left in the table since they had used it all during their water fight.
But as long as they are happy (and outside, not dying from heat stroke!) I am one happy momma!

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