Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Year We Stole Christmas

There has been a serious lack of Christmas spirit in the Grier household this year.
No decorations. No holiday music. Nothing.
All of this changed, however, when our neighbors went to visit family for Christmas.
Our neighbors had all sorts of Christmas spirit.
Even though they weren’t planning to stay in Ohio for Christmas, their house was fully decorated.
They even had a TREE!


TJ drove these neighbors to the airport on Saturday…
and on Sunday, we stole their Christmas tree!


My baby sister Jessica was in town visiting
so I made her decorate our newly acquired tree.


In addition to our tree, we hung lights and ornaments in the window and a wreath on the door.
We are so festive, I know!


Riker is starting to grasp the concept of Christmas and gets excited when he sees Christmas trees, lights, and snowmen.
he is already anxious to open all the presents.
Hopefully we can keep them wrapped until Christmas day!