Saturday, December 31, 2011

35 Things To Do In 2012

I never set New Year’s resolutions.
I’ve tried in the past and have always failed…
so why bother.
Last year, my darling friend Katie compiled a list of “Things To Do” in lieu of writing Resolutions.
I find this idea to be genius and am therefore copying her.

Some of my “things” are long term or recurring projects.
other “things” are short term, one time deals.
but everything on my list is totally do-able
and I WILL do everything on my list in 2012.

  1. make eggs benedict
  2. no sweets for one month
  3. go on a hike
  4. make and print 50 recipe cards
  5. try one new recipe a week
  6. write one blog post a day for a month
  7. send 10 thank you cards for no real reason
  8. read 30 books
  9. complete an act of service every month
  10. sew an article of clothing
  11. fit into “those jeans” again
  12. have family pictures taken
  13. send out Christmas Cards
  14. take a spinning class
  15. Find a chocolate chip cookie recipe TJ actually likes
  16. go on a picnic
  17. go to the temple once a week for one month
  18. Find a name to take to the temple
  19. read the whole book of mormon
  20. save up to buy something I want
  21. create a grocery budget
  22. never go to bed with a dirty kitchen for a month
  23. Make my bed every day for a month
  24. get a hair cut
  25. one day a month with no internet
  26. Throw a party
  27. Try a new restaurant
  28. floss daily for 21 days
  29. Print pictures to finish Riker’s clock
  30. hang a picture of Christ in home
  31. donate old clothes to goodwill
  32. Make homemade baby food
  33. make something with my cricut
  34. Create something to display in home
  35. move to arizona

Happy 2012!


alyson paige said...

I love them, now I want to copy you make a to do list too! Happy new year! See you soon!

Katie said...

Oh, this makes me so happy! Your list looks great, and you will love working on it. Happy new year!

Ginny said...

awesome idea! LOVE that they are all do-able things! I might just have to make a list now.