Friday, December 9, 2011

Lest You Think I Forgot About Child #1…

Riker is still here and is still as cute as ever!
He has turned into quite the little ham, showing off for anyone who will give him the smallest amount of attention.


He basically spends him days ignoring Olivia.
Every now and then he will acknowledge her presence…
but he’d rather just play with him mom.


Using his camera (which doesn’t work…but he doesn’t care),
he will shout “say cheese” at anything he sees…
including his diaper and football!


When he saw me taking a couple pictures of baby Olivia,
he turned the camera in her direction and started clicking away!


Of course, seconds later he was attempting to see if he could somehow crawl underneath her chair
(which I quickly discouraged!).
I continue to be amazed at how big my baby boy is these days.
I swear, he was still itty bitty a week ago…
now, he’s a big boy.

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