Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is my favorite.
I think I love Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day.
My family has a fiesta every Christmas Eve, complete with a pinata.
since TJ and I decided to stay in Columbus this year, I wanted to recreate some of my family’s traditions.
I bought all the groceries to make a delicious Mexican dinner…
and around noon on Christmas eve, I realized that I forgot to start cooking it.
Since it takes about 12 hours to cook, we needed a plan b.


And that’s how we ended up eating Christmas Eve dinner at Macaroni Grill.
I had no idea so many people ate out on Christmas Eve.

My mom decided to start a new tradition for Christmas Eve this year…
ugly Christmas sweaters.
We participated via Skype.


TJ’s is a ladies turtleneck sweater.
be jealous.
Unfortunately, none of our ugly sweaters won…
Mike’s sweater had a leg lamp on it, so you know he had to win.

When we were tired of wearing our ugly sweaters, it was time to open our pajamas from Mrs. Claus.
Riker was not so excited about his gift
(I guess pajamas aren’t that exciting to an almost two year old)
but he loved ripping the paper.


Robot pajamas for Riker…


and OSU pajamas for TJ and Lisa!


Olivia got pajamas too
(but her’s are from Grandma lewis…not Mrs. Claus)


Her jammies were a tad bit too big for her
but she looked adorable nonetheless!


Oh, and check our Riker’s sweet Rudolph slippers
(courtesy of Grandma Lewis!)
He thought he was so cool walking around in them!


Merry Christmas from the Griers!

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cindy said...

you forget how little newborns are...the pj's looked so little in the store, I can hardly wait for two more weeks to get here:)