Sunday, July 24, 2011

That One Time TJ Thought He Should Cut Riker’s Hair…

Ever since my mom buzzed Riker’s hair at the beginning of the summer,
TJ has been dying to give Riker a mohawk.
Now that Riker’s hair has grown out a bit, TJ decided to give it a try.


Riker was not super excited about this…
but once he was given a cookie, he was much happier!


After the first few hairs started to fall,
TJ finally admitted “I have no idea what I am doing.”
And unfortunately for Riker’s hair, I also do not know how to cut hair…


Finally, TJ reached a point where he just decided it was best to stop cutting.
Which couldn’t have come at a better time, because Riker had hair and cookie goo all over his face and in his eyes.


If you just sort of glance at his hair,
it isn’t THAT bad.
But if you look at it for longer than 3 seconds, you will notice just how crooked and uneven it is.


Good thing he’s such a good looking kid,
with or without his mohawk!

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Karen said...

He is just too dang cute! I hope you are feeling well Lisa!