Thursday, July 14, 2011

Super Dewper

This summer, I have struggled finding ways to entertain Riker.
After playing with me for so long, he no longer finds me entertaining.
So I was happy to find out from a friend about the Kids Club at the mall.
Every Thursday, they set up a stage in one of the courtyards at the mall
and they sing and dance and play music.
There is a groundhog (I think?) named Dewper that the kids all go gaga over
(except Riker…he still clings tight to me if Dewper comes too close to us).


Riker loves all the music and has been working on his dance moves.
He loves to copy the older kids and moves non-stop the whole time we are there.


Chick-fil-a sponsors the Kids Club, which means Riker gets a free kids meal after the show is over.


Kids Club members also get to ride the carousel for free,
which makes Riker happy and me nauseous
(pregnant or not, I don’t enjoy spinning in circles).
See that boy back there?
That’s Eli…
he’s Riker’s buddy.
Unless they are trying to share toys.
Then they don’t get along so well.
We’re working on it.

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