Sunday, July 17, 2011

Finally! A Lake Trip!

One of our absolute favorite summertime activities is going to the lake.
Unfortunately, Summer’s wedding consumed the majority of our summer…
so we had to wait for all that hoopla to be over before we could finally make it out to the lake.

Riker loved watching all the boats on the water,
and was excited to sit on a “boat” all by himself.

Riker and I spent most of our time hanging out in the shallow water.
And while I was diligent in keeping his little body covered in sunscreen, I was less than careful about applying my own.
Today, my skin in bright red and sore.
(but red skin is better than white skin, right?)


Oh, and don’t let this picture fool you.
It may look like Riker is laughing and playing with TJ in the water…
but in reality, he cried the entire time he was in that thing.
He only wanted to be in the water if someone was holding him tight.

Once his grandpa showed him how to throw rocks into the water,
he was the happiest kid at the lake!

And this is what the boys looked like 5 minutes after we pulled away from the lake:


like father, like son.

(oh, and have no fear…despite what these pictures show, Riker did have a life vest and he did wear it. but since the life vest resulted in massive amounts of tears, no pictures were taken of Riker actually wearing it.)

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