Friday, April 8, 2011

Play Time

Today, while at the mall, I let Riker play in the play area.
This was his first time playing here…
and he was in heaven!


He ran from one side to the other,
making sure to touch every single toy in the place
(and attempted to kiss several).


He was able to play with his buddy Brody.
Even though Brody is 8 months older than Riker,
they still play together pretty well. 
Brody would run around, and Riker would do his best to keep up!



I was always leery about these mall play areas
(the millions of germs and mean kids)
but none of the bigger kids bothered Riker and I slathered his hands with sanitizer as soon as we left.
So I think it will be okay to play here again!

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