Saturday, April 23, 2011


TJ said we absolutely had to color Easter eggs with Riker this year.
Knowing Riker, I counted on there being two issues:

  • at least one cup would be spilled
  • he would inevitably stick his dye-stained fingers in his mouth

The first issue was solved by stripping my baby down to his diaper and going onto the back patio.


Thankfully, the rain let up for a few hours and the air was warm enough to do this.

The second issue was solved when I found this tutorial.
Rather than using vinegar and colored tablets, we used kool-aid.


Riker loved dropping eggs into each of the cups.
Yes, his finger tips are stained a variety of colors.
Yes, kool aid ended up splashing on his and me.


We ROYGBIV’d it with the colors,
using the advice given on the tutorial to get a better pink and purple.


Several times, Riker attempted to grab one of the cups…
but my reflexes were fast enough to prevent that from happening.


The colors turned out pretty amazing
(my favorites were the light pink and blue)
and they smelled nice and fruity!
Much cheaper than buying a kit and (in my opinion) a much better result!


Jess said...

They turned out really cute!

Dawn Davis said...

wow, I actually like the color of those WAY better than the regular Easter eggs. I wish I had seen this yesterday while i was out and about. We'll be dying eggs this afternoon so the hubs can be there...and the Easter bunny will be arriving during Britton's nap. These would have been so fun to make.