Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Cheese Face

Riker has already begun to develop quite the personality.
Today, we are just focusing on the fun side of his personality
(someday, I will share with you the less than fun side of this personality…oh the tantrums!)
This is what TJ and I refer to as Riker’s cheese face:


DSCN0722DSCN0720 DSCN0718  

Now, looking at that expression, you might think Riker is mad.
But really, he is quite happy.
To make the cheese face, simply scrunch up your nose, show your teeth, and breath in and out through your nose.
(Admit it, you are sitting there making the cheese face right now!)
This face can be used to show extreme pleasure, like when you get to play outside or take a bath.
It can also be used to make mom forget about your latest tantrum.
Works every time!

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