Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

TJ and I were so excited to help Riker participate in his first ever Easter Egg Hunt.
I was concerned that he wouldn’t get the concept…
what I should have been worried about was this:


The Easter Egg Hunt started at 10am,
which happens to be Riker’s naptime.
He kept walking back to our door, banging on it in an attempt to get inside.
But as soon as the hunt started and he found his first egg,
his tears dried right up!


Riker was pretty amazing at finding the eggs.
We would walk around with him, and as soon as he would see one he would run to grab it.


Of course, he always had to shake the egg before dropping it in the basket.
This boy has already learned to check for candy!


It wasn’t long before Riker found his allotted 12 eggs.
He wanted to keep grabbing more, but we had to leave some for the other kids.


Riker did become very defensive of his eggs.
And because he was missing some of his nap time, he refused to smile.


This picture is probably my favorite of all time.
Beckham (6 months younger than Riker) just wanted to check out Riker’s loot…
and the look on Riker’s face tells you exactly how he felt about this!


All the kiddos who participated!


Hoppy Easter!


heather said...

Oh I LOVE it! I was so sad to miss the egg hunt this year! Glad that it was good enough weather to still hold it, and that you all had fun. You all look great - and those egg-dying pictures are awesome! Thanks for sharing! Happy Easter!

Whit said...

Hahaha. Too funny! I love his grumpy face so much. I think he was shaking the eggs looking for money, not candy. He is a smart one.

jade said...

riker is sooo adorable. his grumpy face makes me love him even more than his smile does.